Spay/neuter mini clinic

Spay/neuter clinic


Here in Mexico, the term “esterilización” or sterilization is used to describe both spay and neuter and so the clinics are called Sterilization Clinics. On May 9, 2021, one of our volunteers used her own home to hold such a clinic. The front garage area was used as a waiting room where chairs were strategically set up for social distancing and the back patio was used for the actual clinic.

When ready, the dogs are given an injection to anesthetize them and they sleep quietly in their owners’ arms. The dogs are then saved, surgery is performed and they are gently laid into another area where they are monitored until they wake up. Often still very groggy, they can then go home with their owner who is given pain meds and antibiotics to administer.

Prior to the clinic, the neighborhood is canvassed with volunteers talking to people about the benefits of sterilization and setting appointments for the upcoming clinic. This prevents too many people from showing up at once and keeps the flow of the event organized.

Not only did people come to have their dogs sterilized, some offered their homes for a follow up clinic.

There is no one thing that will solve the problem of the over-population of dogs more than these clinics. There is no one thing that will prevent suffering of dogs in the streets more than these clinics. And the males and females who are sterilized have a much better quality of life themselves – the females not constantly pregnant and the males not fighting with each other for the females. Dogs stay in their homes vs. wandering the streets to breed.

We will never be able to save all of the dogs of La Paz with an estimated 10,000 – 15,000 strays. We all try. But we can start preventing strays from being a problem in the first place with these clinics.

Please consider making a monthly donation toward this program so we can continue scheduling these clinics throughout the neighborhoods of La Paz.

Together – we can end the suffering.